Knox Church Council


Church Council is our model of governance at Knox.
The Council is responsible for coordinating, administrating, and overseeing the affairs of the Congregation. It provides the various committees with guidance and all committees have representation on Church Council.

The individual committees are responsible and empowered to exercise their particular functions of ministry and it is within these committees that the life and work of the Church is carried out.  


The various Committees are:  

Spiritual Oversight Committee 
in conjunction with the Minister, provides leadership in the care and oversight of the spiritual life and interests of the Congregation, including all aspects of worship. This group is composed of Elders with many ministry teams. For more details see Spiritual Oversight 

Ministry & Personnel Committee (M&P) 
has a consultative and supportive role in overseeing the relationships within the pastoral charge ministry, particularly the roles and functions of paid leaders and employees. The M&P Committee may also be involved in setting expectations for work carried out by volunteers. Confidentiality and accountability are vital to the work of the M&P Committee.

Communication Committee 
is responsible for providing various means for on-going communications such as the quarterly newsletter, pamphlets, advertising and this website.

Fellowship Committee 
fosters friendliness and companionship with all who come to Knox.

Finance Committee 
is responsible for the treasury, budget and financial statements, envelope steward, count/record, payroll, investments, insurance, etc.

Nominating Committee 
provides support to Chairpersons and Committees in recruiting individuals who are uniquely qualified and gifted to serve on the various committees.

Outreach Committee 
coordinates the work of our congregation to reach out to those in need within our church family and our local community.

Property Committee 
oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the church facilities and property in addition to large projects such as major repairs that are taken on as necessary.

Stewardship Committee 
works in conjunction with the Finance Committee to promote the call to participate in God’s mission. They coordinate decisions about how we (as individuals and a faith community) use all that God gives us – time, abilities, material resources, relationships – in a lifestyle of discipleship.

There are also seats on Church Council for Youth and UCW representatives as well as Knox representatives to Halifax Presbytery.




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