No matter you are, you are welcome
We are an inclusive Christian community. You are welcome here no matter what your faith background or your postal code or educational background.   You are welcome here no matter who you love or if you consider yourself Christian, quasi-Christian or not-yet Christian.   You are welcome here if you have an open mind and an open heart and are willing to join with others in the exploration of faith, a desire to live with integrity and compassion, and a hope to be part of a meaningful community.  


We are comitted to the work of compassion and justice
We work towards social justice both in our own area and in the world, from Sackville’s Beacon House or to the streets  of Halifax to helping families in Africa from those living with mental illness who find themselves on the street to refugees seeking a new beginning or abused women seeking shelter or those living with HIV or AIDS, all through the United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service Fund.



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