The Pastoral Care Team in conjunction with the minister provides a wide variety of support for the congregation. We respond to individuals in times of crisis, such as illness or bereavement. We keep in touch with members who are housebound or who live in seniors’ residences and can no longer come to church. Our minister and volunteer visitors want to make this church a caring community where each person is able to feel the love of God being shared with one another.

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The Prayer Chain
A great way to connecnt with the Lord


If you are in need of a prayer 
or if you are interested in joining the Prayer Chain group contact
Cathy Heighton:  Prayer chain activator 

Your Prayer Request can also be placed in the Prayer Box located in the narthex.

Pastoral care team ministries

  • Hospital/Nursing Home Visits                      
  • Home visits
  • Home Communion
  • Nursing Home Worship
  • Services
  • Prayer Request Ministry
  • Grief Support Sessions
  • Email Pastoral Care Support
  • Card Ministry
  • Phone Ministry
  • Audio Tape Ministry 
  • Prayer Shawls
  • Teddy Bear Ministry
  • Transportation to/from church and church functions
  • Pet Dog Ministry (for Nursing Home visits)  

For more information, please download our Pastoral Care pamphlet.